After an intense 6-year battle through 3 command investigations and an IG investigation, our senior Army officer client's rights have been vindicated

After an intense 6-year battle through 3 command investigations and an IG investigation, our senior Army officer client's rights have been vindicated! The client's malicious ex-spouse launched false allegations of adultery to gain a financial advantage in their divorce and to punish the client for choosing an Army career over the spouse. The first two command investigations, which were conducted by an Army-recognized expert in criminal investigations, exonerated the client. However, the ex-spouse was dissatisfied with the results of these two thorough, impartial investigations and vindictively launched another false accusation to the Department of Army IG and the client's new commander upon the client's PCS move. The ex-spouse threatened to continue filing complaints until the allegations were substantiated. Therefore, in order to appease the ex-spouse, the third command investigation and IG investigation determined the client had engaged in an "inappropriate relationship" with another Army officer.

The IG's substantiation jeopardized the client's well-deserved promotion. The client's case was forwarded to a promotion review board (PRB) to determine if the client should be removed from the promotion list. Mr. David Sheldon and Ms. Brooke Mask invested countless hours in meeting with the SJA regarding the client's case and preparing the client's rebuttal to the PRB. Fortunately, after a year of waiting, the PRB recommended that our client receive the well-deserved promotion. The client was promoted on time and received substantial backpay for increases in base pay and housing allowances earned during the wait.

The vindictive ex-spouse also cyber-bullied our client by sending mass e-mails to almost 300 military and civilian Department of Defense employees with the false accusations against our client and the other Army officer. The ex-spouse was a member of the Army National Guard and an Army contractor. The ex-spouse sent these emails during company time and signed the emails with the ex-spouse's National Guard signature block. The ex-spouse was investigated for time card fraud, misuse of government resources, and violating the Army's policy against cyber-bullying. The investigation into the ex-spouse also revealed the ex-spouse's substance abuse problem.

Ms. Tami Mitchell spearheaded the effort to protect the client's rights and to hold the ex-spouse accountable for the ex-spouse's misconduct. Ms. Mitchell's zealous advocacy and her years of experience as a legal advisor to the FORSCOM IG, formed the foundation for a successful appeal of the DAIG's substantiated finding. Ms. Mitchell identified numerous legal deficiencies in the third command investigation and the IG investigation that should have precluded substantiation of the ex-spouse's false allegations. On January 29, 2019, our client was notified that the DAIG reversed its decision and corrected its records to reflect the DAIG did NOT substantiate the allegations. Our client can finally move forward with the client's good name and reputation restored.