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Each branch of the military maintains an Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

Among the many functions of the offices is the conduct of investigations of allegations of fraud, waste, abuse and of individual misconduct. A service member who is the subject or suspect in an Inspector General, or IG, investigation must be extremely cautious.

The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, in Washington, D.C., represents military members who are subject to IG investigations with the goal of protecting their service records and shielding them from consequences.

If you are deployed in a foreign country or are far from your home base, Mr. Sheldon can file your necessary paperwork and represent you in your absence.

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Is It an 'Investigation' or a Witch Hunt? | Let Our National IG Military Command Investigations Attorney Protect You

Service members must exercise caution in IG investigations because of the potential for adverse reactions, including promotion delays, promotion withdrawals, letters of reprimand or referrals for involuntary separation. In short, an IG investigation can stunt, or even ruin, a service member's military career, whether or not it has sufficient basis in fact.

Why is this? It is because IG investigators frequently play by their own rules, or fail to consistently adhere to the applicable federal laws and military regulations.

Our experienced command investigations lawyers have witnessed many cases in which investigators have adopted approaches that can be charitably described as adversarial, but perhaps more accurately could be described as "witch hunts." David P. Sheldon has provided counsel and representation in numerous Inspector General cases. Tami L. Mitchell has also represented several clients in IG investigations, and served as the legal advisor to the IG Forces Command, the Army's largest command.

Too often, a good service member's career is destroyed by a poorly trained and/or overzealous investigator behind an improperly conducted IG investigation.

If you are the subject of an IG investigation, you should consult with qualified military or civilian counsel immediately after being notified. It is crucial that you act quickly to ensure that you defend your rights and that the investigator observes them.

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Don't let your career implode under the weight of an investigator's misplaced hubris, ignorance or ambition. You can defend your career and your reputation by retaining The Law Offices of David P. Sheldon.

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