What could prevent you from enlisting in the military?

Find out more about what could disqualify you from entering the military. Discover why these things mark you as unfit to serve.

The branches of the U.S. military are all well-respected. They are known for turning out soldiers who are at the top of their mental and physical game. These are men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting every other citizen and ensuring the country remains free. Recruiters for the military in Washington D.C. work hard to find new people willing to make the commitment and become a member of the armed services. However, for every person who enlists, there are others who cannot for one reason or another.

There are plenty of restrictions and requirements that must be met in order for a person to enlist. Here's a look at some of the reasons why a person may not be allowed to enlist.


According to Business Insider, one of the top reasons why someone may not be able to enlist is not meeting the prerequisite of having a high school diploma. While stories float around about people who enlisted before they graduated and snuck past this requirement, the chances are good those stories either happened a long time ago or are simply not true. This is a requirement that is checked and verified.

Unusual Disqualifiers

There are some things that could disqualify a person that might be shocking. For example, having neck, hand or face tattoos will disqualify a person. Gauged earlobes are another thing that will have the recruiter saying no. It is also not possible to enroll if a person is over the age of 34. A person must also meet strict height and weight requirements based on which branch of the military he or she would like to serve in.

Medical Issues

Some medical issues can stand in the way of serving. Insulin dependence will get a person denied. As will being on medication for hyperactivity. Obesity is the top reason many recruits are denied. Other issues that could stop a person from entering the military, according to Military.com, include a history of ulcers, esophagitis, congenital defects in organs, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, hernia and anemia, among other serious medical conditions.

A person may also be turned down if he or she is missing too many teeth or needs ongoing orthodontics. Being deaf or having restriction on hearing can also be grounds for refusal. Missing a toe or a thumb is also a reason for a person to not be allowed to enlist. Some vision issues are a problem, especially when they prevent 20/20 vision.

Other Issues

If a person has ever been in the military and was discharged, he or she may not be allowed to reenlist. If a female recruit is pregnant, she will be denied enlistment until after she has given birth and recovered. Every recruit must prove physical fitness and meet testing requirements. The inability to pass tests will make a person ineligible.

It is important to understand that not all disqualifications are permanent. A person may be able to enlist at a later time. If you are having trouble enlisting, consider getting assistance from an attorney, such as the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon.