International Court-Martial Appeals Attorney

When a soldier, seaman or airman is convicted in a military court, it can seem as though there is nowhere left to turn. Fighting one's initial court-martial proceeding can seem daunting enough, without "pushing it" by seeking a seemingly futile appeal.

At the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, in Washington, D.C., we defend military clients accused of crimes and represent them in appeals to higher courts. Retain our services, and we can seek to overturn your conviction or reduce your sentence.

If you are deployed in a foreign country or are far from your home base, Mr. Sheldon can file your necessary paperwork and represent you in your absence.

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National Court Martial Appeals Attorney | Courts-Martial Appeals

Our experienced court-martial appeals lawyer, David P. Sheldon, has witnessed many military cases that ended unfairly for the defendants due to various errors, missteps and abuses by prosecutors and judges. However, we also know from experience that appeals of military court decisions can lead to better outcomes for our clients.

No matter what courts-martial offense you have been convicted of committing, we can seek out the mistakes and/or abuses that contributed to an unfair judgment, including:

  • Factual errors presented at trial
  • Mistakes in evidence gathering
  • Failures to observe court procedures
  • Judgment errors
  • Misinterpretations/misapplications of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • Abuses of authority

Making the Most of Your Appeal | Experienced Lawyer for Military Appeals

Launching an appeal can be an expensive and emotionally trying process. As your attorney, Mr. Sheldon will ensure that your appeal is not wasted.

As the counsel of record in more than 90 published court-martial appeals, he has the solid experience that a successful appeal requires. He will provide you with aggressive, thorough and consistent representation by:

  • Reviewing all details from your trial record to determine if grounds exist for a successful appeal (and advising you honestly if there is not)
  • Researching and briefing all issues of merit
  • Petitioning appropriate appellate courts for relief
  • Keeping you informed of the progress of your case
  • Arguing your appeal in court

Although the military is obligated to provide accused service members with legal counsel, it is likely that your appointed attorney will have never tried a case. Considering the months to years it can take to drive a case through an appeal process — and the fact that military attorneys are frequently transferred — it is possible that you may have to start over with several different and inexperienced attorneys during the course of your case.

If you have received a punitive discharge (bad-conduct discharge, dishonorable discharge or dismissal) or more than a year in jail, then you have an absolute right to appeal your court-martial. You may appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeals for your service (Army, Navy-Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard); the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

By retaining Mr. Sheldon, you will have employed a military defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience in national and international practice. Hire him as your attorney today, and he will remain your attorney tomorrow.

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