A Discharge Upgrade Can Change Your Life

People leave the U.S. military services for a number of reasons. Some leave before their enlistment or officer commitment is up, often resulting in a less-than-honorable discharge. At the time, it many not seem very important. Many discover that a dishonorable, general or bad-conduct discharge can become a detriment in the civilian world.

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If your DD 214 indicates anything less than an honorable discharge, it may be possible to fight for an upgrade. At the Law Offices of David P. Sheldon, we stand ready to help veterans get the discharge they entitled to for their time in service.

Read This NPR Story To See How A Discharge Upgrade Can Change Lives

Still not sure whether a discharge upgrade is worth the effort? We invite you to read this story featured on the NPR website, about one ex-Marine whose life was changed after getting his bad-conduct discharge upgraded.

Is It Time For You To Upgrade Your Discharge To Honorable

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